Immediate Crisis Consultation to Support Leadership Capability and Improve Emergency Response

Ambiguous times are no time for ambiguous leadership.

We provide strategic communication advice for public health and medical challenges in a trusted, one-on-one setting.

Our advisement can help you manage crisis communication issues quickly, helping you to avoid any reputational, health or market value effects. We help our clients communicate with key stakeholders, including journalists, business partners or investors, communities, employees, and regulators.

911 Crisis Consulting

Your 911 for crises, disasters, emergencies, and failures. Whether you need a crisis communications plan, or a second opinion on what to do next – we are there for you when there’s no time to waste.

Mentoring & Consulting

In high stress, high concern, or emotionally charged situations, the importance of being intentional cannot be understated. We can help you craft your communication style to plan and execute with greater discipline, self-awareness, empathy and accountability.

FAQ Development

In complex and highly volatile environments, people need a place to turn for answers. We craft FAQs to help navigate uncertainty and guide behavior.


Our Practice Areas and Capabilites

We can support you tactically in pre-crisis, in-crisis, as well as post-crisis situations.

Our work is: science and evidence based, socially responsible, focused on high concern issues, and delivered by globally recognized experts with over 60+ years of combined experience. Our deep understanding of crisis communication issues faced by leaders on a global and national scale can help you to improve your emergency response.

We have assisted over half of State Health Directors, Police Departments, and environmental groups. Our clients include: non-profit organizations, international organizations, governments, large businesses, small businesses, elected officials, professional associations as well as individuals.

Notable achievements include:

  • Assisting State Health Directors to explain Ebola and substantially increase public understanding, as demonstrated by poll results.
  • Developing media guides on Ebola described by a leading journal as a “Communicator’s Dream.”
  • Developing a key message and intervention strategy for top policy-makers to help mitigate the Fukushima nuclear emergency.
  • Governor support in responding successfully to misinformation about his public health achievements, programs, and policies.
  • Coaching high level public health officials on communication strategy for pandemic influenza.
  • Producing a communication guide with key messages about the Zika virus that received thousands of downloads within minutes of publication.

All consulting and training performed by our experts is and will always be confidential.

Capability Areas

Disease & Illness Outbreaks

Drug Recalls & Clinical Trials

Natural Disasters

Terrorist Threats

Risk Communication Training & Consultation

Accident & Hazardous Materials Release and Disposal

Security Breaches & Sensitive Information Leaks

Criminal Activity, Scandals, and Malpractice

Our Leadership Team

An Expert-Led Network

Drs. Covello and Hyer co-authored the popular World Health Organization handbook Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergenices, as well as the widely-used communication guide for the 50 US states, Top Questions on Ebola: Simple Answers Developed by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.
Dr Vincent Covello Crisis Communications Expert

Dr. Vincent T. Covello

Dr. Vincent T. Covello has over 30 years’ experience in high-concern, risk, and crisis communication. He has advised over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies as well as over 500 government agencies on issues as diverse as Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon, 9/11, and pandemic disease outbreaks. Dr. Covello has been a professor at Brown University and at Columbia University’s School of Public Health. He has been a Study Director at the National Academy of Sciences and a Program Director at the National Science Foundation. He has published over 150 scientific, peer-reviewed articles and 25 books on risk and crisis communication. Dr. Covello received his BA with honors and MA from Cambridge University and his PhD from Columbia University. He is a co-founder and Principal of and the founder and Director of the Center for Risk Communication based in New York City and Washington, D.C.

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Dr Randy Hyer Crisis Communications Expert

Dr. Randall N. Hyer

Randall N. Hyer, MD, PhD, MPH has more than 35 years’ experience as a doctor in public health. Dr. Randy has been educating people on topics ranging from disease outbreaks like COVID-19, Zika, bird flu, vaccines, as well as radiation and common medical conditions. As the Senior Vice President for Global Medical at Moderna, Dr. Hyer helped develop, communicate, and manage the global rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. In 2017, he was pivotal in engaging the scientific, medical and policy communities to help achieve FDA approval of a new adult hepatitis B vaccine (HEPLISAV-B), the first vaccine using a truly novel adjuvant. He is the Vice President for Risk Communication at the National Council for Radiation Protection and Measurement, has advised the National Academy of Sciences, and lectures at Harvard University. Dr. Hyer has served as a U.S. Senate staffer, WHO medical officer and military liaison, and over 10 years as an executive in the private sector. He graduated with Distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy and earned the MD from Duke and PhD from Oxford. Dr. Hyer is a co-founder and Principal of and the Deputy Director of the Center for Risk Communication based in New York City and Washington, D.C.

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